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Making Lifelong Connections

Leadership, Networking, and Career Development for MCH Trainees

These annual meetings are for current and former trainees from Maternal and Child Health Bureau funded training programs.

The Making Lifelong Connections meeting brings together trainees in an interdisciplinary setting with the goal of enhancing networking and leadership skills, and providing professional development beyond the boundaries of a specific training grant setting. These activities provide reinforcement to the Maternal and Child Health Leadership Competencies and provide a real-world application of leadership skills for trainees as they prepare to enter the MCH workforce, and for former trainees in early stages of their careers.

More Information

Presentations from MLC 2017

Improving Access through Awareness of Oral Health Care for Medicaid-Insured Children and accompanying brochure - Sophia Heo, BSW, PPC Social Work Trainee

Interdisciplinary Teamwork Among Specialty Clinics - Kendra Pasek, BSW, PPC Social Work Trainee

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