Advocating for Children with Special health Care Needs  


Photo of Candace Dreier This lecture will provide you with information on a transition model that was developed by the interdisciplinary team of the University of Wisconsin Pediatric Pulmonary Center.1 This model can be used to enhance the care for children with special health care needs. The model involves a theory of learning as a conceptual change. Each stage of the model will be explained using an example of a child dependent on technology who is discharged from the hospital.


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1Hewson, M., Mischler, E., Tuthill, P., Baroni, M., Dreier, C., Green, C., Kraus, C., Becker, E., Feenan, L., Sondel, S., Shuster, S., & Wolf, T. (1993). Comprehensive team care. Maternal and Child Nursing, 18, July/August, 198-205.