Advocating for Children with Special health Care Needs  

Learning Activities

Before you begin, please review the content on culture and what makes each person unique. These learning activities will enable you to explore your own cultural identity and this case in greater detail. You can exercise your skills in cultural self-awareness through real live simulations.

  Activity 1: Personal Assessment

In this activity you will reflect on your own cultural identity. Recognizing your own cultural identity and biases can help you to be aware of how this may affect your interaction with others. Each of us has a unique cultural identity.





  Activity 2: Where I Fit in the World

In this activity you will learn how your identity is represented in the global population. Recognizing your own cultural identity is the first step. It is also important to know how you fit in with the rest of the world.






  Activity 3: The Inside Story

In this activity, we return to the case story. Mrs. Metzer, Mrs. Rogers and their health care provider, Harry approach this situation from totally different perspectives. This activity will enable you to gain insight into the perspectives and thoughts of each of these individuals.





  Activity 4: Changing Behavior

In this activity you will be challenged to analyze various behaviors that Harry exhibited in his interactions with the two mothers and prescribe behavior with more cultural awareness.





  Activity 5: Asking the Right Questions

In this activity you will develop questions to elicit important information that influences the quality of health care.




After you have completed the content for this lesson you can take the quiz to finish this material about cultural self awareness.