Advocating for Children with Special health Care Needs  

Learning Activities

Before you begin, please review the content on factors that can affect adherence. These learning activities will enable you to explore this case in greater depth and to exercise your skills in applying factors that affect adherence to a real life simulation.

Activity 1: The Inside Story

Theresa approaches her recent decline in health from a different perspective than her physician, Dr. Grant, and her dietitian, Jane. This activity will allow you to gain insight into the perspectives and thoughts of each of these individuals.





Activity 2: Predicting Potential Impacts

In this activity you will be challenged to analyze various conditions in the relationship between Theresa and her health care providers and predict the possible consequences those conditions might have on Theresa, her family, and the health care providers.





Activity 3: Determinants of Adherence

In this activity you will continue to analyze Theresa’s case. The goal of this activity is to examine the variables that affect Theresa’s adherence.





After you have completed the content for this lesson you can take the quiz to finish the case study about Theresa and the factors that can affect adherence.